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October 20, 2013

Update : I updated the information below with the 2020 tech.

So I finally did it. You're reading it right now. My personnal website/blog.

I should be posting here about things that cross my mind as well as various projects I've been working on. And maybe even new projets I didn't even start yet.

The design

First of all, kudos to Pascal Navière, a very talented web designer that did the design of this site(CSS, DOM structure, etc.), which I then modified. All bugs are therefore my own additions.

The tech

The DNS you used to access this website is hosted by gandi. The website itself resides at OVH, who used to sell the world's cheapest VPS (they're currently out of stock for all their products, but I won't go into that). The SSL certificate is provided by StartSSL.

On this VPS, Debian Wheezy, with nginx serving the actual pages. Pages which are all old scholl static HTML(5), generated by Pelican.

On my machine pelican is run with python 3.3, in a venv where distribute was installed. The content is edited with vim on Fedora 19.